Circuit Breakers


Talented and ferocious weapon experts needed to eliminate a dangerous mechanical menace that threatens the existence of humanity. Up to four positions available. Benefits include traveling the world to eliminate robots, using advanced upgradeable weapons to eradicate robots, and teaming up with three other like-minded and (possibly) friendly individuals to wipe out robots.

Inspired by 90’s style top down action games, four players can join either via local or online multiplayer to eliminate millions of robots together.

Aldo, Shelby, Samson and Tay are the Circuit Breakers. An elite team of mercenaries hired by the Galactic Government of Affairs to destroy dangerous sentient AI robots. Each character specialises in a particular weapon and these weapons can be upgraded via the collection of crystal shards dropped from destroyed robots.


  • Multiplayer for up to six players
  • Traditional arcade mode including bosses
  • Selectable cores that allow you to customise the experience of the game
  • Four characters each with their own specialised weapon
  • Four different types of level tile sets.
  • Score attack mode with leader board

        From the desk of the commander

        Welcome to the elite mercenary team known as Circuit Breakers. As you may or may not know, scientists and engineers have been striving to create sentient AI for factory grade robots. They succeeded in their objective and we’ve had a good few years where manual labour has been undertaken by robots.

        What we did not foresee however was their hostility when we handed them their pink slip to replace them with even better and more efficient robots. We probably should have seen this coming as this also happened when we replaced humans with robotic workers.

        The Galactic Federation of Affairs has hired us, the Circuit Breakers, to wipe out these rowdy robots and stop their incessant killing spree. You and up to three other mercenaries will be sent to several high priority areas to eliminate as many robots as possible, but be warned. They have the ability to self-replicate.

        Good luck… You'll need it!

        Machine Gun

        You’ve probably never met a man more full of himself than Aldo. He is the leader of the circuit breakers but his drive and confidence is unmatched and encourages the rest of the team to bring their A game. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wipe that smile off his face by sporting a bigger robot body count than him?


        There are few that rival Shelbys straightforward attitude. She is often mistaken as cold, but if you have a plan you want to set in motion, Shelby’s the girl who can follow through. Her weapon of choice, the shotgun allows Shelby to get up close and personal. Every other member of the team keeps their distance from the robots but Shelby thrives when close to the enemy.


        There are many things you can say about Samson, but clever isn’t one of them. He is the team’s explosive guy, delivering a tremendous amount of damage with his signature missile launcher. Samson loves explosions and if you give him a recipe for a bomb, he will tell you the exact size of the explosion with 100% accuracy. So what Samson lacks in general knowledge he more than makes up for in explosive know-how.


        Aldo would never openly admit it, but Tay is the real brains of the operation. She is responsible for creating the weapons that the Circuit Breakers team uses today. Her weapon of choice, the laser gun matches her interest in engineering. There are many scientific teams requesting her knowledge in the field of engineering, but she prefers the application instead of the theory.