7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest #1 - Toys!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first in a series of announcements that we are calling '7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest'. In the run up to Father’s Day, we will be sharing information on Chapter 2 which focuses on various features like toys, comedy, enemies and side quests.

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Today’s feature is The Toys of Dad Quest.

Your Child, by its own merits, is a dangerous weapon - indestructible and able to soar incredible distances at great velocity with the help of a Dad’s strong throwing arm. While the Dad and Child are able to combat many great enemies with these skills alone, there are also ways to increase the Child's power.

Introducing Toys - a series of items which give the Child unique abilities to assist them in battle!

Above is just one of the toys that the Dad can give to their Child: A Rubber Band. While it reduces throwing distance, it prevents the Dad from overthrowing the child and missing the target, then needing to wait for the child to return. The elasticity of the rubber band means that the Child will bounce right back to you!

The Popsicle is another toy that the Child is able to wield. It freezes foes for five seconds when you throw the Child and make contact with an enemy.

Of course, as seen in the GIF above, certain enemies possess some of these skills naturally and can use them against you too.

Some child toys can be incredibly useful and can be used at opportune times to vanquish a particularly dangerous enemy. Below, we're being chased by an Ice Bundt, which has a particularly large amount of health. We make haste to the turtle in order to escape via a small frozen water crossing, but the Ice Bundt is able to fly!

We have a toy that would be very useful for this situation and are able to equip the Camera and use it to stun enemies. While in the inventory screen, time will stop so we do not have to rush to select an item.

Unable to flap its hilariously small wings, the Ice Bundt will become stunned and fall into the water, dealing 999 damage and insta-killing the enemy

Toys eventually crumble over time due to the destructive tendencies of the Child and have a set number of uses before they are rendered completely void and need replacing or repairing. They can be repaired from within Mountain City though!

While we have a big list of the toys available in Dad Quest, we know that it will be much more fun for you to discover them as you play! Toys can be obtained from completing side quests, purchasing them from shops, opening chests or even using the Gacha machine within Mountain City.

Join us once again tomorrow, for the second of seven reasons to play Dad Quest - side quests!

And don't forget that Dad Quest will be seeing a massive 60% discount later this week, to celebrate Father's Day! So add the game to your Steam wishlist to keep up to date on all things Dad Quest!

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