Circus World



Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages! The spotlight is on you as a travelling circus needs your management skills to grow into the greatest show on earth!

Hire performers, purchase side shows, perform budget management and invest in bigger tents as you make your way across the UK, France and to New York!

Rise to the big top! 

As you aim to make an impact on the world with a phenomenal roster of entertainers, you'll need to be cautious of the three other rival circuses' who are bidding on performers and locations against you. Each week provides a detailed breakdown of your profits.

With over 60 cities around the world to choose from, you'll need to make sure that the weather report is in your favour, the last thing you want is to find your circus washed out in heavy rain storms or blizzards which will impact the amount of visitors. 

Hire and fire performers, manage the fast food stands, adjust ticket prices, set the prices of the gift shop and invest in advertisement campaigns. A keen eye on your budget and organising special ticket price offers will make sure that your circus is as financially healthy as possible.

Massive selections of performers are available to hire; ranging from clowns, acrobats, trained animals to human cannonballs!

As these exceptional entertainers take to the stage they will fatigue and their skills will increase, giving them a better chance of performing an amazing show! Be careful not to push them too hard or they'll end up getting injured!


Features of Circus World

  • Manage your budget to maximise entertainment value! Hire and fire performers while adjusting ticket prices to match 
  • Customisable food and gift stands allow you to set the prices of items purchased from visitors 
  • Purchase sideshows to generate additional revenue. 
  • Performers improve over time when putting on an excellent show. 
  • Take your circus around the world, visiting the UK, France, Italy, Spain, America, Australia, Scandinavia. 
  • Watch shows from the ringside in free roam mode or get in close with the action cam! 
  • Over 30 different acts from jugglers, knife throwers, human canons to trained animals. 


System Requirements

Operating System PC Windows XP(SP3) / Vista / 7
Operating System Mac OS 10.7 or above
Processor Intel 2 Ghz or greater
Memory 2 GB system memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory
Hard Drive 1 GB available space